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Wake Up and See the Glory


Eppie Lederer wrote newspaper columns for nearly 50 years. In outlets across the nation under the pen name Ann Landers she offered advice to people on a range of issues. One of her favored expressions was, “Wake up and smell the coffee.” This charge evokes shuffling to the kitchen on a dark, early morning, hair matted up to one side, eyes squinting partially closed. Yo...

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Where Death Goes to Die

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I have been pastoring people for over ten years, and one of the painful privileges of pastoring is presiding over funerals. I’ve presided over many, and most of them run pretty much the same way: prayer, scripture reading, a song or two, usually some family and friends share memories. I always share from Scripture and present the gospel. People expect these things. Peopl...

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Does Jesus Owe You Something?


Our family has a birthday ritual called “birthday on the bed.” It started with my parents, and we have continued the tradition. At o-dark-thirty on the morning of someone’s birthday, we pile onto Laura’s and my bed for our bed so that the birthday boy or girl can open their gifts. Tuesday was Judson’s birthday, so at o-dark-thirty he bounced into our room for the...

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What Has Jesus Done?


Something was different than first appearance about this man. His actions betrayed something about him beyond an old man shuffling through the motions of pickup game on a city park’s court. Something similar plays out in John’s gospel. Jesus looks normal, but his actions betray something different about him. What Jesus does reveals who Jesus is. ...

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Why Should I Care About the Trinity?

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Why should we care about the Trinity? The Trinity centers everything we believe as Christians. The Trinity is not merely important. The Trinity is preeminent. The Trinity is the hub centering everything, in reality and in theology. ...

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