Why We're Here

We're here

to help people find life like God intended by bringing people to God and bringing people together through the cross of Jesus Christ. 

Check out a sneak preview of our Sunday services. We believe that wholehearted worship, authentic community, and joyful mission in our Sunday services both flow from and flow to wholehearted worship, authentic community, and joyful mission in our lives Monday through Saturday. 



Wake Up and See the Glory

Eppie Lederer wrote newspaper columns for nearly 50 years. In outlets across the nation under the pen name Ann Landers she offered advice to people on a range of issues. One of her favored expressions was, “Wake up and smell the coffe

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Does Jesus Owe You Something?

Our family has a birthday ritual called “birthday on the bed.” It started with my parents, and we have continued the tradition. At o-dark-thirty on the morning of someone’s birthday, we pile onto Laura’s and my bed for our bed s

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What Has Jesus Done?

Something was different than first appearance about this man. His actions betrayed something about him beyond an old man shuffling through the motions of pickup game on a city park’s court. Something similar plays out in John’s

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Upcoming Events

Sun Nov 28

Fellowship Brunch at the Slavich Home

Thanksgiving Sunday Brunch

Tue Nov 30

Women's Bible Study

A great time of delving into God's word and making friendships with Christ at the center...

Thu Dec 02

Men's Bible Study

Fellowship, Prayer, Coffee, and the Word.

Sun Dec 05

Worship Service

Our in-person gathering meets at 10:30am at 2669 N Federal Hwy, Pompano (Burrie Center)

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